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Karle Packaging supplies calico tote bags in different sizes to suit various packaging needs. Perfect for businesses looking for sustainable promotional solutions. Order calico tote bags bulk now!

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    Eco-friendly and Durability

    Our calico tote bags are made of 100% natural cotton, an enviromentally friendly choice for anyone looking to reduce their carbon footprint. Soft material and two reinforced handles make them safe to use and comfortable to carry in hand or on shoulder. These reusable calico carry bags are ideal for a wide range of activities and purposes.
    • Calico Shopping Bags: calico bags with handles are perfect for grocery shopping. The durable cotton fabric can withstand the weight of groceries. A sustainable alternative to single-use plastic bags. Calico shopping bags can be reused, reducing waste and promoting environmental awareness.

    • Calico Library Bags: designed to carry books, magazines, and other reading materials, calico library bags are ideal for book lovers and students. Their sturdy construction ensures that books are protected during transport, and the spacious design allows for multiple items to be carried comfortably.

    • Calico Beach Bags: when heading to the beach or pool, calico tote bags make excellent beach bag. They can hold towels, sunscreen, snacks, and other essentials for a day by the water. The breathable nature of calico fabric makes it suitable for sandy or wet items, and the bags can easily be cleaned for reuse.

    • Calico Promotional Bags: businesses often use calico tote bags as promotional items at events, trade shows, or as part of marketing campaigns. These bags can be customised with company logos, slogans, or designs, serving as a practical and eco-friendly way to promote brands while offering recipients a reusable and stylish accessory.

    • Calico Gift Bags: calico tote bags are a popular choice for gift-giving, whether for birthdays, weddings, or corporate events. They can be personalised with names, messages, or decorative elements, adding a touch of eco-consciousness to the act of giving gifts. Calico gift bags can be reused by recipients for shopping, storage, or other purposes, extending their usefulness beyond the initial gift-giving occasion.



    1. What is a calico tote bag?
    • A calico tote bag is a reusable bag made from unbleached cotton fabric known as calico. It is durable, eco-friendly, and versatile, suitable for various purposes like shopping, carrying books, or as a promotional item.

    2. Can I customise calico tote bags with my logo or design?
    • Yes, calico tote bags can be customised with logos, slogans, or designs through printing or embroidery. This customisation option makes them popular for promotional events, brand awareness campaigns, or personalisation for gifts. Check our printed calico bags to place an order directly or email [email protected] to proceed. ETA is 6-8 weeks.

    3. Are calico tote bags suitable for carrying heavy items?
    • Calico drawstring bags are known for their durability. The fabric is sturdy enough to hold various items without tearing, making them ideal for repeated use.