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Calico Drawstring Bags

Karle Packaging is a supplier of quality calico bags in Australia. Our drawstring calico bags are made of natural unbleached cotton. Double drawstring design, strong enough, and available in various sizes.

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    Versatile and Eco-Friendly

    These bags can be used for multiple purposes, including grocery, storage belongings, and promotional items with customized logos. They are lightweight, foldable, and easy to store and carry around.

    Not only are calico drawstring bags environmentally conscious, but they are also durable and affordable. They can last many years and are machine washable, making them easy to reuse and maintain.

    Karel Packaging offers excellent quality calico drawstring bags in bulk. Our calico bags are made from 100% natural cotton. Note that there may be a 3-5% error in length and width because these bags are handmade. Calico bags may vary slightly in colour depending on the cotton material used to make the batch of bags. These are just some of the characteristics of natural calico bags.

    We can also Custom Printed Calico Bags for you! ETA is 4-6 weeks, and you can email us for more information.
    Email us now: [email protected].