Tissue Paper Wholesale - Acid Free Tissue Paper

Acid-free tissue papers are available in bulk. It safeguards items that are available specifically with food or drinks. It's also useful for moving dishes, silverware, and glasses. It's ideal for displaying other delicate items, such as jewelry and brassware. Order now and get it early!

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    Premuim Tissue Paper for Craft

    Made of premium recycled material. The 17gsm thick tissue papers are easy to bend, shape, fold, glue, and process into whatever you want, and easily withstands cutting, crinkling, and folding without tearing. Great for tissue flower pom poms, floral paper decor, tissue paper collages, tissue tassels, and other festival party decorations.

    Commercial Use

    Built with commercial-grade quality, our tissue paper is the prime choice of packing paper sheets for moving, as well as wrapping paper. Our tissue paper guarantees the safety of delicate items during moves and shipping alike, an ideal choice for small business packaging supplies. Its durability makes it perfect for packing paper for moving, especially when safeguarding moving supplies for dishes and glasses.

    Multi Purposes

    Our tissue papers come in handy for so many uses - moving, wrapping, protecting, shipping, packing, and cushioning items and gifts. It can also be used as box filler It's ideal for moving supplies, gift wrapping paper, and tissue paper for gift bags.

    Accept Customization

    You can customize your tissue papers in size, colour and printings. Welcome to send your requirements to [email protected] for a quote.