Our cat litter box liner is made of 50 micron polyethylene. There are two sizes, 460x910mm and 430x790mm, each box contains 10 cat litter bags. These cat litter box liners are scratch-resistant, tear-resistant and waterproof. No more urine or litter can leak into your litter box. Sturdy enough to bear the paws of your cute cat.

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    Thick and Scratch Resistant

    Made of quality HDPE material, these cat litter bags liners are tough, thick, scratch resistant and reliable, tear resistant and waterproof, with a smooth surface, not easy to break, giving you more convenience in daily life.

    Convenient Drawstring

    The cat litter bag liner is designed with a sturdy drawstring for easy handling, you just grab the strap, lift it, and the bag will automatically tighten, which ensures that the cat litter will not spill out and get dirty your cat litter box.

    Easy to Use

    There is a pre cut at the joint between cat litter trash bags, which are easy to tear and will not be broken, just put the bag in the cat litter box, and then pour cat litter on it, creating a good toileting environment for your cats while also reducing your clean up time.

    Maintain Your House Clean

    These bags for cat litter make cleaning the litter box easier, to keep the house clean and provide convenience for the owner; Moreover, each of them can be applied for about a week, then tied up and thrown away, or you can also replace them according to the cat's needs.