Plastic Bags Wholesale

We offer a wide range of plastic bag options to meet your diverse needs. Perfect for online businesses, retail stores, gifts and home uses. Fast delivery Australia wide! Get bulk discounts on bulk purchases!

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    Meet Your Packaging Needs

    Plastic bags are made of  100% virgin low-density polyethylene, lightweight, strong and tear resistant, so that you can use them to hold heavy weights. They're resistant to the weather, keeping the things inside dry and safe from rain or water. Whether you need to package, ship, or store something, Karle Packaging is the best place to get plastic bags in bulk. Available in different styles, colours, materials, thicknesses, and sizes.

    Versatile Applications

    With convenient features and designs, our plastic bags are perfect for all shipping, packaging, retail, storage, and warehouse needs. Can be applied to pack, store and ship multiple belongings, such as food, clothes, toys, makeup, crafts and more, offering protection from liquid and dust.

    Find Your Own Packaging Solutions 

    You can easily put your store's name, logo, and other information on plastic bags to promote your brand and boost sales. Depending on your needs, we can produce custom plastic bags in various sizes, thicknesses and colours. Contact us at (02) 8006 1190 and share your packaging goals to order wholesale plastic bags today.