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Recycled  Brown Kraft Paper

Brown kraft paper rolls at affordable prices! Made of renewable kraft paper, strong and durable, recyclable, biodegradable and reusable. Suitable as packaging for mailings, gift wrapping, craft projects, fresh flowers and more. Buy now!

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    High Quality Material

    Our brown paper is made of pure wood pulp, unwaxed and uncoated. It is the ideal wrapping paper when you are going for a pure and stylish look. The paper has a strong toughness and is not easy to break under external force. It is very suitable for wrapping gifts or for transport, can be used for a long time.

    Moderate Thickness

    Our brown packaging paper roll is made of 80gsm kraft paper, easy to fold and operate. This wrapping paper is stable and not easy to tear, a flexible packaging option for various shapes and sizes. The smooth surface makes your packaging look more pretty. Classic wrapping paper can be matched with any decoration to make your gift look classic and inspiring.

    Cut to Any Size You Want

    This wrapping paper has the shape of a roller, which is practical for your use and cutting. It can be cut into any desired shape and size according to your needs. The roll comes wrapped with plastic, so there are no creases or creases on the paper. Due to the flexibility of kraft paper, you can fold the edges and corners, no tearing or abrasion, the paper can be easily cut, no pulling or tearing required.

    Versatile Kraft Paper

    Brown wrapping paper roll can be used in your daily life, very suitable for gift wrapping, decoration, painting, colouring, bouquets, crafts, Christmas, children's art, furniture. It's also great for safely wrapping and protecting valuables during transport, storage and all other paper applications. An affordable cavity filling solution is ideal for upholstery goods in the boxes.