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Our butchers paper is made of 100% food-grade virgin wood pulp. Unbleached, uncoated, and unwaxed. Available in 457mmx53M and 610mmx63M for multiple applications. Ideal for cooking, smoking, freezing & wrapping meats. Shop now!

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    Delicious Maker

    Say goodbye to tough meat. Natural butchers paper withstands meat juices and moisture, even from large rib racks, ground beef and more. Uncoated and unwaxed butchers paper is more durable and strong. This paper won't leave anything unwanted behind on your food and does a superior job trapping smoke while releasing steam.

    100% Food Garde, Smoker Safe

    Non-toxic and smoker safe! The butcher paper comes in direct contact with the food, which keeps the juices of the meat while allowing the steam to escape, making it the perfect choice for bacon, the smoke from using butcher paper to bacon is non-toxic and safe. Whether you want to grill in the garden outdoors or serve your guests carefully prepared smoked meat or use it as an insert for fried food, our butcher paper is a good helper in your life.

    Multipurpose Butchers Paper

    This high quality wrapping paper is perfect for cooking, wrapping, and storing meats, tray liners, table runners, place mats, ribs, and many more applications in restaurants. Beautiful natural waxless butcher paper roll has made it an excellent aesthetic choice for serving other types of food such as sandwiches, burgers, fries and etc.