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Looking for a packaging material that is both eco-friendly and effective in protecting your items during transit? Look no further than our biodegradable and environmentally friendly honeycomb packing paper!

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    Where to Use ​Eco-Friendly Honeycomb Packing Paper?

    For a mail order or e-commerce business, use this honeycomb packing paper in shipping boxes or bags as void filler paper to provide extra protection. Our honeycomb wrap is made of  natural kraft paper, 100% recyclable and biodegradable, good to protect the goods from scratching and damage during transport or storage.  

    It's also great for gift packaging, creating an elegant and clean look. The gift will be different and meaningful by being packed with green material. Honeycomb packaging paper can be used for wine box packaging, artwork, ceramics, glass products,vases,cups, plates, silverware, holiday gifts and exquisite high-end packaging. Good cushioning properties are used to keep items intact and effectively reduce fragility.

    When moving house, honeycomb cushioning paper can effectively prevent breakage during transportation or movement by honeycomb structure design.

    How Does Honeycomb Packing Paper Benifits the Environment?

    Are you tired of using non-degradable foam sheets, bubble films, and peanut box fillers when packing and feel guilty about nature? Eco-friendly 100% biodegradable honeycomb packing paper is an innovative, degradable, recyclable, and effective cushioning kraft paper, it is absolutely the green alternative to plastic packaging.

    Easy to Use & Wide Range of Uses

    Instead of fussing with scissors and tape, you can simply tear it off as you need without any tools, and stretch it to wrap and protect breakables, thus improving packaging efficiency. It's an ideal solution for better cushioning, is shockproof and is anti-scratch. For heavier items, we recommend using it together with bubble wrap for even better cushioning. Our honeycomb packing paper is quite suitable for packing fragile or delicate items, such as dishes, pictures, glassware, vases, cups, plates, and things you need. It's also wildly used to wrap gifts, perfume, cosmetics, artwork, ornament, and so on.