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Postage Satchels

Our postage satchels offer an affordable alternative to standard packaging, ensuring the safety of your customers' items while reducing shipping costs. These satchel bags are sold in 100pcs per pack, enough quantity for your retail or online business. Order now!

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    Sturdy & Durable

    The postage bags are covered with polyethylene material, making them not easily punctured and damaged, ensuring your package arrives safely at its destination.

    Waterproof Protection

    These australia post satchels are waterproof, making them perfect for shipping in wet or humid conditions. They offer excellent protection against moisture, ensuring your items arrive dry and in perfect condition.

    Self-Sealing and Easy to Use

    The self-sealing feature of the australia post satchel makes it incredibly easy to use, simply peel and stick. There is no need for additional tape or adhesives, saving you time and money.

    Privacy Protection

    Australia post prepaid satchel offers privacy protection, ensuring that your package contents remain concealed during transit. This feature is especially important for small businesses that want to protect their brand identity and keep their products confidential.