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Patterned Organza Gift Bags

Patterned organza bags in various colours and sizes. With unique patterns on the surface of organza bags, making the gift bag look more advanced, and more suitable for all kinds of occasions, and they are ideal as a soft and cute way to present your small gifts to guests, friends or relatives!

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    Premium Organza Material

    These patterned organza gift bags are made of  100% nylon organza fabric, sturdy and washable, you can use it for a long time. It's also lightweight and portable for you to carry. The premium sheer organza gives a soft and smooth touch, making your items look and feel attractive. The seams are also sewn really well around the outside, looks more "up-scale" and expensive.

    Organza Bags with Drawstring

    Our organza gift pouches are equipped with double silk satin drawstrings or gold cord drawstrings, it's easy for you to store and fetch things, and they can hold the inside items well, clean and organized. You can find items easily from the clear tulle pouches.

    Widely Used

    High density organza bags can be used for storing food, packing gifts, travel storage, and keeping some items such as snacks, cream jars, jewelry, coins, candy at parties, shipping hardware or other small metal parts, can be good used in daily life, birthday, parties, celebrations, business and so on.

    Unique Patterns

    Patterned organza gift bags are fashionable and beautiful, adding a touch of colour to your wedding or party. Organza bags with hearts pattern in 11 colours and 7 sizes, organza bags with daisies pattern in 5 colours and 3 sizes, organza bags with moons and stars pattern in 12 colours and 5 sizes.

    If you don't want patterned organza bags, check our plain organza bags!