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Plastic Peel & Seal Bags

Our BOPP polypropylene plastic peel & seal bags packaging protects goods with a transparent barrier, can meet all your packaging needs, from storing leftovers and snacks to packing food products for commercial markets. Order now!

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    High Quality Peel & Seal Polypropylene Bags

    At Karle Packaging, we make BOPP polypropylene plastic peel & seal bags that are strong, flexible, and resistant to impacts. We use high-quality plastic that can handle hot or cold and does not tear easily.

    Resealable Bags Wholesale Australia

    You can choose from different sizes of these BOPP polypropylene plastic peel & seal bags to meet your needs. Bulk orders can be made quickly and cheaply through Karle Packaging. Contact us today to learn more about our low prices, seal bag options, and ability to make things just how you want them.

    Wide Applications of Cellophane Poly Bags

    • Packing fish, sauces, processed meat, dried fruits, nuts, candy, cookies, pulses, grains, cheeses, and many other foods.
    • Storing materials for arts and crafts and more. Very practical and functional.
    • Displaying jewellery, earrings, party favours, mailing and packaging flyers, announcements and postcards.

    Custom Seal Bags with Your Brand Logo

    Besides standard products, we also make custom seal bags for our customers. Customizing your packaging with your brand's logo, information about the product or promotion, or other unique graphics and text is a simple way to market your brand. If you're interested in custom size and printed resealable bags,  please feel free to email [email protected]. Minimum order quantity 10000pcs. ETA is 4-6 weeks.