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06 June 2023

Calico Bags, A Sustainable & Stylish Choice

Calico Bags, A Sustainable & Stylish Choice

In our continuous journey towards a more sustainable future, the choices we make in our everyday lives matter. One such choice is the adoption of sustainable calico bags, a practical alternative to plastic, offering both style and eco-consciousness in a single package.

What Makes Calico Bags Sustainable?

Calico is a plain-woven fabric produced from unbleached natural cotton with its history tracing back to the 11th century. Renowned for its biodegradability and compostability, this material serves as an outstanding alternative to plastic, playing a crucial role in reducing our plastic waste significantly.​

Since these bags are made from natural cotton, they are biodegradable and compostable as well. This means they can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way, unlike plastic bags which can take hundreds of years to decompose. By using calico bags as a sustainable alternative, we can significantly reduce our reliance on single-use plastic and make a tangible impact on environmental pollution​.

Durability that Saves You Money

Just because calico bags are sustainable, doesn't mean they aren't durable. Unlike plastic, which often tear or break after a few uses, products made with calico are built to last. They can be washed and reused countless times, which not only makes them an environmentally friendly choice but also a cost-effective one. Over time, the small amount you pay for plastic bags at stores can exceed the cost of a quality substitute made with calico. Moreover, many stores offer discounts to customers who bring their own bags, adding to the savings​​.

A Versatile Companion for Every Need

In addition to being sustainable, calico bags are also very versatile. Available in multitude of sizes with drawstrings, handles or as backpacks, they have a broad spectrum of uses. Whether you're going shopping, spending a day at the beach, or carrying your gym attire, calico bags are an excellent choice. They're lightweight, easy to carry, and their durability ensures the security of your belongings​. The best part is, when they get dirty, just toss them into the washer and dryer. When they eventually wear out after extensive use, they can still be repurposed or up-cycled instead of being discarded. You can transform the fabric into cleaning rags, craft projects, or even compost them, reducing the amount of waste going to the landfill.

Stylish and Multipurpose

Not only are calico bags a sustainable choice, they can also be a fashion statement. They come in an array of colors, making them a chic addition to any outfit. Printed calico bags are also available in various designs, so there's something that suits everyone's taste. Additionally, calico bags are multi-purpose and can be used for various occasions and needs, which is why brands like Lululemon and Under Armour make them with synthetic materials, and sell them as sackpacks.


Calico bags are a sustainable, smart option for anyone looking to reduce their environmental impact without compromising on style or convenience. As we take small steps towards a more eco-friendly future, the choices we make can have a big impact. Let's make the choice to go green by using products made with this natural fabric.

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