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15 June 2018

Calico bags storage considerations!

Calico bags storage considerations!

Calico bags as a more widely used bag now. The overall performance and quality are excellent, catering to the environmental protection and energy-saving, the green, low-carbon concept that various industries today. Then during the daily storage, what basic common-sense need to master?

First of all, the calico bags storage and operating environments are critical. It is recommended that users select a dry and ventilated lot and not place it in direct sunlight or a dark and humid climate.

Second, after the purchase, will not immediately use the case is recommended for classification management, through the color, style, size, etc. classification, so that the later use is more convenient.

Not only that, the storage environment for calico bags can not appear harmful gases or odours because this type of material is easy to absorb odours, so remember to focus on the removal of odours in the room. During the storage of cotton bags, you must know how to stay away from heat sources and open flames.

Store these floral bags to ensure an environment free of impurities, dust and dirt. The storage environment can affect the appearance and quality of the floral bags. An exemplary storage environment provides that the cotton bags are in the best condition, and their service life can be longer.

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