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12 May 2024

Chocolate Boxes Packaging Case Study

Chocolate Boxes Packaging Case Study

Food is different from other products. To increase sales of food, you need to first stimulate customers' appetite through the packaging. Therefore, the packaging box is an important marketing tool to showcase the product's appeal. We can view it as a window that elevates the product and brand identity to a higher level. Below, we will focus on some mouth-watering chocolate boxes designs to draw inspiration from.

Hatziyiannakis Chocolate Box
Hatziyiannakis is a Greek chocolate brand, and its packaging design distinguishes different flavours of chocolate through different colours and illustrations. The gradient colours that are full of mystery and romance create a sweet taste, and the different flavours of chocolate are matched with different food illustrations, making people want to taste them.

Maua Chocolate Box
Maua chocolate showcases the rich and exotic flavours of the Mediterranean, which are both sweet handmade delicacies and very eye-catching candies. This chocolate packaging box uses a light colour scheme that contrasts sharply with the dark brown chocolate. The pattern on the packaging box is both an illustration and an indicator of the chocolate flavour.

Xoctail Chocolate Box
Xoctail chocolate is based on cocktails, so it displays a fun and exciting atmosphere in the packaging box, which is perfect for absolute indulgence. This explains why its design is inspired by William Morris textiles and incorporates exquisite and high-level craftsmanship.
The visual effect centred on natural elements almost surrounds the entire packaging box, making it look like a work of art. The designers did not neglect to incorporate different cocktail ingredients into the artwork for immediate identification of the product flavour.

Ferrero Chocolate Box
Ferrero chocolate is often used as a Valentine's Day gift, given to lovers to express their feelings. Therefore, Ferrero chocolate is not just food, it is also a very romantic gift.
This chocolate box is dominated by chocolate brown, with gold as a secondary colour. The illustrations in the matching box can not only display the silky texture of chocolate but also create a luxurious feeling.
Packaging design includes showcasing high-quality products and aligning with the brand image. As a gift, chocolate needs to be packaged in a way that is more suitable for gifting.


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