14 December 2022

Cleaning Calico Bags Australia: Helpful Guide for Beginners to Follow

Cleaning Calico Bags Australia: Helpful Guide for Beginners to Follow

It's admirable that you're trying to reduce your environmental impact by switching from plastic to reusable cotton calico bags for your event's giveaways. But if your brand-new bags made from natural materials get stained or dirty, what do you do then?
As it turns out, there are some tried-and-true methods to maintain your calico bags Australia pristine condition. To learn our top tips, keep reading.
  • Inspect the calico bags before you start washing them

To begin, if your swag bags have been personalized, try submerging a small piece of the bag into cold water to see if the design survives. Please soak the calico bag for 15 minutes and check for colorfastness.
If the entire bag is submerged in water, the print must not run or fade (though if Karle Packaging has branded your bag, this is extremely unlikely due to how we treat our bags to ensure color lock-in).
  • Soak the water on a paper towel after 15 minutes

After 15 minutes, remove the bag from the water and wring it out on a paper towel, an old cotton towel, or the grass. It is not colorfast if there is any trace of color left in the bowl of water after rinsing calico bags Australia or if colored water comes out of the bag when squeezed.
Each patch will need to be cleaned individually with a damp cloth to prevent the ink from running or fading. However, if the water stays the same color after washing, your bag was handled properly before printing and only needed a light cleaning.
  • Wash other piece of bag fabric

Once you've determined that your print is water-resistant, washing it is similar to cleaning any other piece of fabric. Wash in a machine. You need to stay a lot more gentle when it comes to washing it in the machine. Your single mistake can ruin the whole beauty of your elegant bag.
Place the tote in a load of cold water to wash (preferably with towels and clothes rather than clothes). Clean the bag with a drop or two of a natural cleaner if it seems dirty.
To prevent the print from fading, it is best to wash it in a shaded area and hang it to dry. You can wash your calico bag by hand in a sink or laundry tub with cold water, a gentle scrub, and some time. Next, suspend them calmly.
For particularly stubborn stains, it may be necessary to apply a cleaning agent directly to the fabric, wait 30 minutes, and then return to clean the remainder of the bag.
  • Conclusion

Cotton calico bags in Australia are widely available because they are durable and made from biodegradable materials that can be reused indefinitely.
They're sturdy and long-lasting if cared for. Therefore, giving your bags a gentle wash before each use will make them look better and prolong their useful life. Don't toss out those soiled branded totes; give them a good scrub and put them to good use.

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