27 June 2024

Drawer Box Packaging Examples

Drawer boxes are a common packaging structure in our daily lives, often used in industries such as cosmetics, electronics, gifts, and clothing. From the perspective of brand and customer interaction, drawer packaging boxes provide customers with a great unboxing experience. Here are some exquisite drawer packaging designs to inspire your packaging design.

Mia Belle Cosmetics Box
Mia Belle is a company dedicated to developing natural and organic beauty products. Their cosmetics packaging boxes reflect their commitment to sustainability by using simple brown kraft paper as the main packaging material. This emphasises the brand's eco-friendly mission while still providing an attractive appearance for consumers, complementing their natural and organic product line.

Cupcake Central Cake Box
Based in Australia, Cupcake Central is a renowned cupcake company known for its unique and innovative flavours. Their packaging design aligns well with the characteristics of their brand and products. The drawer box effectively showcases and packages their products, helping them stand out. The artistic brand logo of Cupcake Central not only represents the brand but also adds to the overall appeal of the products.

Northern Lights Candle Box
The packaging design of candle company Northern Lights is cleverly executed. The soft colour scheme of the packaging contrasts vividly with the colours of the candles, creating a rustic feel for potential customers. While this candle packaging box may not immediately grab attention visually, its overall design and colour coordination leave a lasting impression on customers.

Alliance Bakery Chocolate Box

If you are considering customising chocolate packaging boxes, drawer boxesare a popular and excellent choice. Alliance Bakery's chocolate packaging box predominantly features classic black with a natural kraft paper sleeve, instantly capturing the attention of potential customers. The thermoformed plastic insert inside the packaging box effectively separates the chocolates, preventing them from rolling around.

Drawer packaging boxes find wide applications across various industries. If you are currently in need of custom product packaging boxes, consider exploring more about drawer packaging boxes.

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