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29 March 2018

How do you choose suitable food packaging bags?

How do you choose suitable food packaging bags?

We consume a lot of food throughout the day, and food packaging bags are everywhere. At the same time, because more and more people fall in love with baking and cooking, food packaging bags for individuals to buy groups also continue to rise. However, many friends who purchase and use food packaging bags often break into the wrong area. How to correctly select and use food packaging bags?

Three big misconceptions:

  • ​Misconception one: the tendency to buy brightly coloured food packaging bags

Food packaging bags come in a variety of colours. Many people are attracted to brightly coloured bags, but the brighter the colour of the food packaging bags contain more additives, so it is recommended to use single colour bags.

  • Misconception two: I love the collection of old food packaging bags to reuse

Many friends to save resources, the habit of storing old food packaging bags, this standard practice, in fact, very detrimental to health, is not desirable.

  • Misconception three: The thicker the food packaging bag, the better

The greater the thickness, the better the quality of food packaging bags? Packaging bags have strict standards, especially food packaging bags. The quality of the packaging bags is qualified if they meet the criteria, regardless of the thickness.


The correct selection of food packaging bags

  • Observe the colour

First of all, do not buy the outer packaging printing blurred food bags; secondly, hand-rubbed printed food bags, if found easy to decolourize the bag quality and material is not good, do not buy.
  • smell

Do not buy the pungent and irritating smell of food packaging bags.
  • use white plastic bags for food packaging

Although it is recommended to use another environmentally friendly packaging instead of plastic, in some need to use it, it is recommended that you try not to use red and black plastic bags. Because coloured plastic bags may be the use of recycled materials, or natural materials and their crude production without decontamination process, it is easy to fail to deteriorate, mould or be contaminated, and thus contaminated food.
  • look for food-grade paper packaging

Paper packaging is the future trend of packaging. Should not use recycled paper ditto coloured plastic in the food sector. Ordinary paper materials, for some reason, will be added to additives, so when buying paper packaging for food must look at the food grade.

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