08 June 2023

How to Recycle & Upcycle Calico Bags

How to Recycle & Upcycle Calico Bags

Calico bags, known for their eco-friendly nature, can continue to serve a purpose even after their initial use. By repurposing them, we can contribute to reducing waste and embracing sustainable practices. In this article, we will explore various methods to recycle and upcycle calico bags, providing you with practical ideas and inspiration to give these versatile fabric companions a new lease on life.

How to Recycle Calico Bags

Recycling things is an environmentally responsible way to extend their lifespan. Start by checking local recycling guidelines to determine if reusable bags made of fabric can be included in curb side recycling programs. If not, many recycling centres or charity drop off bins accept textiles for recycling. Alternatively, consider repurposing torn or damaged calico bags into cleaning rags or reusable produce bags. Another option is to donate them to local organizations or thrift stores that accept fabric donations. Even though calico is biodegradable, we can still divert them from the landfill and ensure their materials are reused in a sustainable manner by recycling.

Ways to Upcycle Calico Bags

Upcycling allows us to transform old, broken or unwanted products into new useful things. One creative idea to upcycle calico bags is to turn them into fashionable accessories like tote bags, pouches, or coin purses. By adding decorative elements like embroidery, fabric paints, or patches, you can give them a unique and personalized touch. They can also be repurposed into home décor items such as cushion covers, table runners, or even eco-friendly gift wraps. Additionally, consider transforming them into gardening accessories like plant pot covers or hanging planters. The durable and breathable nature of calico makes it ideal for these purposes.

Calico bags can also be repurposed for educational and craft projects. They can be turned into canvas for painting or printing artwork, creating unique wall hangings or banners. The fabric is an excellent material for sewing projects such as stuffed toys, fabric dolls, pet toys or patchwork quilts. Furthermore, they can be utilized in school projects, craft workshops, or as materials for DIY crafting kits. Basically, it can be incorporated into just about any craft project that requires the use of fabric. By reusing this material in educational and craft activities, we promote creativity, sustainability, and teach valuable lessons about repurposing materials.


We have covered several ways to recycle and upcycle used calico bags, but the possibility is endless. By repurposing these versatile fabric companions, we can contribute to a greener future while unleashing our creativity. Let's unlock the potential of used fabric and make a positive impact on the environment, one upcycled creation at a time.

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