11 June 2024

How to Wrap wedding Gifts?

How to Wrap wedding Gifts

If you are still considering how to best wrap wedding gifts, then this article is for you! We have prepared some exquisite packaging ideas that are both quick and simple, yet look stunning without the need for paper, boxes, or transparent tape, which can be quite a hassle! Carefully packaging wedding gifts. How to present wedding gifts in a striking and innovative way.

Most invited guests are focused on finding the gift and may not pay much attention to the gift's packaging. We may not see the smiles of the bride and groom as they unwrap the gifts. However, seeing their reaction to a beautifully presented gift can be delightful. Remember, you only get one first impression, so make your gift stand out and leave a lasting impression with unique packaging.

Using Gift Wrapping Paper

When considering how to package wedding gifts, traditional gift wrapping paper is often the first choice that comes to mind. It is especially useful when wrapping gifts in boxes. There is a wide variety of decorative papers available in the market, each with different colours and patterns.
In recent years, simple grey paper has become a popular choice, bringing a real impact to gift wrapping. Wrapping gifts in grey paper not only showcases your creativity but also provides a wonderful neutral background for other decorations and embellishments. In essence, you can add personalised artwork, ribbons, twigs, or decorative tags to make this packaging option look unique. To add a personal touch, you can handwrite blessings or decorate with pictures. The possibilities are endless! However, it should be noted that gift wrapping requires more time and skill to do it well. Allow enough time to neatly wrap the gift and avoid leaving it until the last minute.

How to Gift Wine as a Wedding Gift?

Typically, to commemorate the special moment of a happy newlywed couple, we give a gift. If your gift is large and bulky, we tend to deliver it to the newlyweds later, so consider giving a small gift like money or flowers as well. For those who prefer not to give these items, a bottle of wine or champagne is also a popular choice. But how do you package the bottle to make it suitable as a wedding gift? Firstly, you can place it in a tasteful flip-top magnetic box, or place it in a wicker basket with fruits or candies, or even in a decorative gift bag. We particularly recommend elegant gift bags for packaging bottles. Bags made of velvet, satin, or organza look beautiful, or for a more rustic look, you can choose calico or jute bags. On our website, you can find a variety of gift bags made from different materials, perfect for use as wine bags.

How to Package Irregularly Shaped Wedding Gifts?

Wrapping large irregularly shaped gifts in traditional wrapping paper can be quite challenging. The irregular shape can cause the paper to crumple and tear, ruining the overall presentation. One way to address this is by placing the gift in a larger outer cardboard box for protection. Fill the box with shredded paper or bubble wrapto prevent any shifting and cushion the gift from impacts. For smaller scattered items that are difficult to wrap conventionally, a simple solution is to place them directly into drawstring gift bags. Pull the decorative strings, and the gift is ready to go! It's a quick and stylish solution.

How to Gift Large or Heavy Wedding Gifts?

Large gifts such as home appliances and equipment can be carefully planned for packaging. All you need to do is prepare an ample amount of gift wrapping paper or gift bags. However, if the gift is too large or heavy to be brought to the wedding venue, what are your options? How can you give a large wedding gift? You can prepare an original surprise for the newlyweds, addressing the issue of packaging and transporting large items. To make the unwrapping process more enjoyable and help the newlyweds anticipate what's inside before opening it, placing a photo of the gift on the box is a good idea. This way, the newlyweds get a preview of the gift, increasing excitement and leaving them curious about what's inside. If you want to create suspense, you can create a puzzle from the photo and place the puzzle pieces in a decorative transparent organza bag.

How to quickly and impressively package a wedding gift? 

Do you prefer simple solutions? Perhaps you don't have the time or skills to create elaborate packaging? If so, gift bags are the best choice. Just place the gift inside, tie it with a ribbon or string, and you're done! Our product range includes gift bags sewn from various fabrics such as lace, organza, velvet, or calico bags, with a wide range of sizes that suit almost any type of gift. Our gift bags are unique because you can choose to have text and graphics printed on them, making them more personalised.

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