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05 April 2018

Kraft paper bags are environmentally friendly?

Kraft paper bags are environmentally friendly?

Kraft paper bags are one of the most popular packaging materials on the market. It does not have any smell and is not biodegradable like plastic products. When discarded, kraft paper bags do not cause pollution to the environment. Now many supermarkets and shopping malls mostly use it as packaging bags. So this material is environmentally friendly?
Kraft paper bags are made of wood pulp paper as the main raw material. After production, the standard colors are yellow and white, and then the outer layer is covered with a film of PP material to make it specific and waterproof.

As far as the range of use is concerned, besides our daily use for garments and food packaging, it is also used in the chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry and construction industry.
In the early days, when people were buying items used in their daily lives, some people used cloth bags and wooden boxes to bring them back wholesale and then brought them to the market, asking people to bring baskets or cloth bags to buy them.

This is because in the early days, the technology of papermaking was not mature enough. The use of a single raw material, the supply is handmade, the production of paper is mainly used for reading and writing, as packaging materials or less. 19th century, the world's first paper machine gradually changed people's packaging materials and ways.

The first kraft paper bags specifically for shopping was born in the United States. Since then, the industry began to develop. Kraft paper bags are used in the production process to meet the relevant environmental requirements of the material, which is the reason they will be popular.

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