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Are you looking for calico bag?

Calico bags are Karle Packaging's best selling product. We offer a wide range of calico drawstring bags and calico tote bags which are made of 120gsm cotton, unbleached and natural beige. Delivery Australia and several overseas countries.

We usually sell in bulk 50pcs/pack, and these calico fabric bags are highly cost-effective, economical to purchase, reusable, 100% eco-friendly, and an alternative to plastic shopping bags.

Small Calico Drawstring  Bags - View All

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Medium Drawstring Calico Bags - View All

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Large Calico Drawstring  Bags-View All

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Shoulder Strap and two handle calico bags - View All



Custom Printed Calico Bags

All of our calico bags can be printed with your logo, or your request is for a particular size, colour or style. The minimum order quantity is only 100, so contact us for a quote! 
Make your promotional calico bags a perfect match for your business and customers. call on (02) 8006 1190.