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Calico Bags Australian Supplier

We have a large stock of calico bags in our Sydney warehouse.

As a quality calico bags wholesaler in Australia, we offer high-quality calico bags at economical prices.

We source from China and other Asian countries at low prices and strictly control the quality.

Our range includes drawstring calico bags, shoulder strap calico bags and two handles calico bags. Sold in bulk 50/pack. We also offer a custom printing service.

Shipping Australia wide, international shipping is also available.


Why are calico bags very popular in Australia?

Australia plastic ban!

All bags have a different energy cost to manufacture, and the best way to reduce the impact is to reuse them.

Cotton bags are water and energy-intensive. Estimates show they need to use about 130 times to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. But they can often hold more items and can be reused, and they can be biodegraded rather than broken down into harmful pollutants.

Experts believe that reusable bags made from materials such as cotton are the only real solution.

A 2007 "Zero Waste" report for the South Australian government estimated that if every Australian household switched to green bags, landfills could collect 2,200 fewer waste trucks each year, reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 42,000 tons, and save 50,000 litres of water.